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Hard-to-Teach Biology Concepts: a Framework to Deepen Student Understanding

by Susan Koba; with Anne Tweed
Call Number: QH315 K75h 2009
Status: Available

Table of Contents:

From the Back Cover:

The book is not a prescribed set of lessons plans. Rather it presents a framework for lesson planning, shares appropriate approaches for developing student understanding, and provides opportunities to reflect on and apply those approaches to specific hard-to-teach topics. The five hard-to-teach concepts are meiosis, photosynthesis, natural selection, proteins and genes, and environmental systems and human impact. More than 300 teacher resources are listed.

Scientific Argumentation in Biology: 30 Classroom Activities

by Victor Sampson, Sharon Schleigh
Call Number: Q339.25 S192s 2013
Status: Available

Table of Contents: NSTA

From the Back Cover:

Like three guides in one, Scientific Argumentation in Biology combines theory, practice, and biology content.

It starts by giving you solid background in why students need to be able to go beyond expressing mere opinions when making research-related biology claims. Then it provides 30 thoroughly field-tested activities your students can use when learning to:

  • propose, support, and evaluate claims;
  • validate or refute them on the basis of scientific reasoning; and
  • craft complex written arguments.